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FAQs - businessprocessprofessionals

Contact Info

Business Process Professionals Pty Ltd

Suite 1A Level 2
802 Pacific Highway
Gordon NSW 2072

Phone: 1300 883 583


Here are answers to some of the questions we get asked:

We come across all sorts of issues, so we help businesses with things like:

Mapping your work flows to find inefficiencies or unused capacity
Reviewing procedures to tighten up on invoicing, cash collection, supplier management
Designing marketing strategies or one-off campaigns to improve lead generation, as well as systems to track the results
Assessing available customer management or other software packages and helping to implement them
Working with staff to standardise the customer experience
And much, much more – whatever needs ‘fixing’ to improve your profitability

Each engagement is different as our clients have different needs. We offer all potential clients an initial, short meeting to assess whether our services are appropriate. If we think we can help, we then meet again to go into more detail of their goals and issues, and learn a bit more about their business. This allows us to ‘scope’ the engagement and determine a fee structure. We don’t charge for these initial meetings.

When you engage an external consultant you get the benefit of high-end expertise on tap – but only for as long as you need it. The consultant gives you the best help and advice, helping you achieve on-going improvements in profitability and business operations – but once the engagement ends so does the consulting cost.

So no, your return on investment can be extremely high, and this is what you should assess when considering consulting services.

Our engagements are about consulting rather than coaching ( although there is inevitably a level of coaching and knowledge transfer with every client!). That means that we actively engage with the business to realise improvements – it’s all not just theory.

Yes. We rarely, if ever, come across a business for which our methods don’t work, and we’ve covered a lot of different industries. Our process includes two initial meetings (which we don’t charge for) before we take on the work. This allows us to understand your goals, challenges and the context to make sure we are a good match for your needs.

Take a look at some of the companies we’ve worked with or for – from multi-national blue-chips to community not-for-profits, and our growing bank of Testimonials. And for more detail take a look at the LinkedIn page of our Principal, Maureen O’Neill:

With our depth and breadth of experience we’re very confident that we can make a significant difference to your business.

Of course, there’s masses of information out there and some of it is very good – but it’s still just that – information! There’s a vast gulf between ‘knowing’ something theoretically and having the experience, time and manpower to make it happen.

So after our diagnostic ‘drill down’ into your unique business and situation, we don’t just prepare a glossy report and leave you to it. We continue working to help you implement the changes you need to make. We apply our experience and project management skills to help you prioritise what you need to do, structure a schedule of work, and then manage each project through to completion.

We become part of the project team for as long as you need us

And our methods aren’t based on “management theory” but are highly practical, based on real experience gained in real, successful businesses.


Yes! Our aim is to help you implement the ‘ultimate system’ so you can start to free yourself from the long hours. It might be a cliché, but we really do help get you to a stage where you’re running your business instead of it running you!

Ideally, your business shouldn’t be overly dependent on you. It should be an asset that runs efficiently and profitably even when you’re not there, or if you decide to bring in a manager. Not only will this protect in the event of unexpected problems, such as illness or accidents, but it also positions you to quickly and easily take advantage of opportunities that come up.

This is your chance to get your business to that stage.

Our services are complimentary to those offered by accountants, and work in well with what they do. In fact, it’s often the accountants who call us in.

Your accountant will be focused on your results, tax, compliance, budgets and financial strategies. They may be able to point out areas where you need to lift your performance –but generally that’s as far (and as deep) as it goes.

It’s not their role to get in, analyse the root cause of the issues and then stay around to help you make the changes happen. That’s what we do.

For example, your accountant may point out that you need to grow your revenue – but he probably can’t perform an in-depth evaluation of your marketing strategy, help you structure a reliable marketing funnel or design and implement specific , targeted campaigns to improve lead generation.

Your accountant may flag the need to rein in costs, but can he actually map your workflows to find the inefficiencies or under-used capacity – the hidden gaps where your profits slip away?

That’s where we come in!