We provide coaching to small business owners and their staff to:

  • Improve lead generation and customer conversion rates
  • Quickly, simply and effectively increase sales to existing customers
  • Keep customers coming back time after time, anxious to give you their business
  • Stop using expensive advertising and still get your message out to the right people
  • Counter competitor price cutting – without cutting yours!
  • Turn customers into staunch fans who will do your marketing for you
  • Turn your website into an effective lead generating funnel – 24 hours, every day of the year
  • Reduce costs by ensuring your internal processes are robust, efficient and streamlined
  • Maintain your own personal productivity, growth and enjoyment in your business (yes – burnout affects small business people too!)
We use proven direct-marketing techniques to tailor highly effective, low-cost and low-risk strategies to help you do all that.


“It’s been a wonderful experience working with Maureen. We’ve spoken to a few coaches before deciding to go with her – and we are glad that we made the decision! Her experience, enthusiasm, professionalism, and most importantly – integrity – has made our coaching experience a very, very rewarding one. She is both uplifting when we’re down, and a source of objectivity when we’re too excited with our ideas. We couldn’t recommend highly enough for small businesses to work with her. In fact, we can quite surely say that provided she’s available, we will be engaging her in the future when we are ready to expand our business again.”
Jing Fa Liew, Fresh Squeeze Daily, Sydney, NSW

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