“Maureen delivered a wide range of projects over a period of nearly nine years for our organisation…

(She) worked autonomously at a senior level, but was hands-on, practical and results focused. She is a person of integrity with strong ethics, and I’d have no hesitation working with her again or recommending her to others.”

Brett Sandercock, CFO ResMed Inc. Sydney, NSW,

“It’s been a wonderful experience working with Maureen. We’ve spoken to a few coaches before deciding to go with her – and we are glad that we made the decision! Her experience, enthusiasm, professionalism, and most importantly – integrity – has made our coaching experience a very, very rewarding one. She is both uplifting when we’re down, and a source of objectivity when we’re too excited with our ideas. We couldn’t recommend highly enough for small businesses to work with her. In fact, we can quite surely say that provided she’s available, we will be engaging her in the future when we are ready to expand our business again.”

Jing Fa Liew, Fresh Squeeze Daily, Sydney, NSW,

“As President of a Ku-ring-gai community group I came to know Maureen O’Neill through our involvement with a community public event in 2009. Maureen was the project manager of the multi-faceted event which was attended by over 1500 people from many areas and which culminated in meeting in central Sydney.

Maureen impressed with her clear thinking, creative skills, professionalism, foresight and quiet determination, and with her ability to see the big picture while remaining conscious of the importance of detailed accuracy. She is quietly efficient and organized.”

Anne Carol OAM, President Friends of Ku-ring-gai Environment (FOKE), Sydney, NSW,

“I am very pleased with the transformation we have been able to make. Helped systemise my approach to marketing and to give it the priority it deserved. Changed my whole mind-set about business. I thought the workshop we had last Friday was outstanding because you hit the nail on the head – that the main issue is one of change.”

Chris Brooks, High Performance Learning, Adelaide, SA,

“Maureen has a multi-dimensional understanding of what it takes to run a business – specifically, that business development goes hand-in-hand with personal development, and vice versa”

David Lomman, Newcastle, NSW,

“I highly recommend Maureen as a knowledgeable and caring professional whose expertise enables her to assist business owners to new levels of growth and prosperity. This experience has been very supportive and beneficial to me. I know that it will allow me to build my business at a much faster rate than I could have otherwise done.”

D. Lomman, Holistic Pathways, Newcastle, NSW,

“Maureen has been a great help in growing my business… Just one simple tip from her gave me clarity for my direction and the ‘hot words’ to use to attract clients.

Daniel Munday, DPM Performance, Sydney, NSW,

“A very powerful tool to help you evaluate your business, personal goals and objectives, and give you the tools to work towards those objectives.”

Rodger Gaff, Gaff Air, Mittagong, NSW,

“Maureen was always professional and helpful – facilitated useful and effective group discussions that enhanced the learning, especially for businesses struggling to get focussed on what to do”

Robert Cole, Sydney, NSW,

“Maureen is an excellent coach at our monthly business meetings. She created a conducive environment for sharing experiences and held each one accountable for his or her promised action in a very encouraging and friendly way. As a result everyone is participative and our group moves forward as a whole, tapping into the synergy of the entire group.”

Dr. YKK (Yew Kam Keong, PhD), Mindbloom Consulting, Sydney, NSW,

“Maureen is an excellent coach and I would definitely recommend her services. She follows up…and is excellent keeping you moving and accountable”

Angie Spiteri, Time Equals Money, Perth, WA,

“Maureen comes with my highest recommendations. She is always looking for new ideas to assist her clients. I admire her for her creative work and her willingness to “give first”.”

Carl White, Social Media Marketing,

“I have learned so much about business and I’m still learning from the notes and drop box that Maureen sent us after each session. I would definitely recommend her.”

Alain Salomon, Sydney, NSW,

“I highly recommend Maureen’s workshop…each week we progressed towards our goals – the ones that are important, not urgent – using Maureen’s specific strategies and processes.”

Sofie Korac, Prudentia Financial Planning, Sydney, NSW,