As a business owner or manager it’s horribly easy to fall into the trap of being so busy that you never get anything done. Of being responsive to every demand on you, at the expense of the high priority tasks needed to grow and rationalise your business.

Most people realise this, but few do anything constructive to address it. So, draw a deep breath and look your own behaviour in the face. What do YOU have to do to make sure that every minute of your work day provides the most benefit to your business (and your life)?

It may be that you need to set aside some time each day when you’re inaccessible to your staff (your own thinking and productive time). You might need to hire more/better staff, or become more adept at delegating to them. You may need to improve your business processes or technology solutions.

Almost certainly you’ll need to monitor and assess your own time over a period of several days.

And then take positive action to change things. Explain to your staff what you’re doing, set the boundaries and rules, and if need be seek help from efficiency experts – you’ll be amazed how quickly it will pay off!